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trade MONSTER, at, is an online broker that provides trading of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, single leg options, and multi-leg option spreads. The company's management team comprises former executives at Schwab, Fidelity, optionsXpress, thinkorswim and E-Trade, with an average 20 years of brokerage experience.

Tradable Assets

Asset class Details
U.S. Stocks
Mutual Funds

Stock Commissions

Type of trade Cost per trade
All Equity Trades
$7.50 per trade

Options Commissions

Order Method Cost per Contract
Single Leg
$.50/contract ($12.50 min)
Multi Leg
$.50/contract ($7.50 min)

Mutual Funds Commissions

Type of mutual fund Cost per trade
All mutual funds

Bonds Commissions

Type of security Cost per trade
Municipal, corporate, agency, and Treasury

Account Minimums & Cash Interest

Minimum Balance (Cash)

Margin Rates

Margin debit balance Margin interest rate
$0 - $49,999
Fed Funds Rate + 3.25%
$50,000 to $249,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 2.50%
$250,000 to $999,999.99
Fed Funds Rate + 1.75%
Over $1,000,000
Fed Funds Rate + 1.0%

Tools Service Features Trade Features
  • Real time data
  • Phone Support
  • After Hours Trading


144 Sales
$35.00 surcharge
$50.00 per account
ACH Returns
Certificate Deposit
$75.00 per cusip per deposit
IRA Closure Fee
Legal Deposits
$25.00 per Item
Money Market Check Bounce
Paper Confirms
$2.00 per
Paper Statements
$2.00 per
Prepays on Customer Trades
$20.00 plus interest
Reg T Extensions
$10.00 plus interest
Reorg Items and Tenders
Research and Statement Copies
$15.00/hr, minimum 1 hr
Returned Checks - NSF
Wired Funds-Domestic
$20.00 per
Wired Funds-International
$50.00 per

Contact Informartion

Contact Information
Mailing Address
OM Securities LLC
230 West Monroe
Suite 734
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone Hours

Contact us via phone between 8:00 am ET and 6:00 pm ET on any trading day.
1-312-419-1199 - Practice Investing
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